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Why Beaver Research?

People often ask how we got the name Beaver Research.   The Beaver is the perfect mascot for our company.  Not only is it one of the hardest workers in nature, it is one of the only animals that shapes its environment to meet its needs. The Beaver has an amazing ability to change its surrounding landscape, and creates a beneficial habitat for many other species. In addition to its industrious work ethic, it is loyal, even tempered, and no matter what obstacle or setback it suffers, it never ever quits. (That fits us to a "T"!)  Beaver Supply was actually the name we started with in 1968, but a few years later in the 70's we began research and development of our own products manufactured in house, and the name was changed to Beaver Research; a name so easy to remember, its impossible to forget!


Creating Safer, More Effective Products Since 1968

At Beaver Research, we believe you deserve to use quality products that work well and keep your employees, worksite, and the planet safe.


We’ve been on the cutting edge of environmentally safe chemical research and development since 1968. Known as a premier specialty chemical research and supply company, our reputation for high-performance, eco-friendly products and outstanding customer service has become the hallmark of everything we do. 


For the past 50+ years, we’ve helped over 15,000 customers across every major industrial, institutional and government sector discover the products that work more efficiently than anything they’ve ever used before.


In addition, we offer our resources and assistance to help our customers better understand their chemical and regulatory compliance-related responsibilities.

Our success is based not only on our products and service, but on our commitment to the industries we serve. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to discuss your needs, or schedule a risk-free demonstration with one of our specialty chemical consultants.